Even though this site is relatively big, it is not mainstream enough that I thought i would have to look for a spam filter, but I guess I do.  The Feedback sections have been getting immense amounts of spam, not from people that are trolls (I laugh at that, please continue(: ) but bots that spam me every 3 minutes.  I cannot find out what you guys want on the site if my inbox is full with spam enough that I miss suggestions and feedback!  So, what I am asking is that users of the site, if you have any knowledge of bots, please help me find a way to either block them, filter them, or if you can hack them to disable them, that would be great.  Thanks guys.  It really is sad that a free to use site that is up for the community is being attacked by these people who have nothing better to do than put up a bot to fill their inbox.  I can get trolling, yea its fun, but this is just unreasonable.

Here is some information on what the bot does:
-  sends me a filled out survey with random letters as the name, or something stupid like viagra and such.
-  puts random letters and then a HTML link to a website (i never follow duh lol)
-  repeats every 2-7 minutes
-  adapts when i change the url or the contents of the survey

Any help is appreciated!  Thanks guys, you really are the best.   
I have been getting comments saying that I am using the website for profit but no, I am not.  I use the money that the ads make only for the websites publishing.  I am not going to take down the ads, but only because it is what makes me be able to keep as much data for games on the site as I have.  I hope you guys understand that this website I have is not free, I pay a pretty penny to keep it up.
Hope you understand guys,
Hello Gamers,
Due to the fact that I as the only administrator am going into high school, I cannot/havent been able to accept membership requests at the rate that they are coming in.  For this reason, I am suspending the membership system until either I can get enough time to catch up or start the memberships, or I find somebody who can help me accept them.  This means that all games are unlocked for all users.  I am sorry for any inconvenience.
Thanks for the support and for your patience,
Hi Gamers,
I have been working for quite some time to get this new version out, and I am proud and exited to introduce Version 4.0!  As you can see, the look has changed along with some other things:
--> New Look
--> SPG Live Sidebar

I am currently working with the team and trying to get up a suprise that I think you will all be extremely exited about...
I strongly suggest that you use the Blog and Forums (soon to come) to keep up on the announcements, because I have quite a bit of surprises in store for you.

SPE Version 3.0 is coming soon on 10/1/2010!  Coming with 3.0 is more vids, more games, and a new expansion!  The newest expansion of SPE will be announced later on, but news should be here soon!  Members will now have exclusive early release access to new games, vids, and much more!  SPE will now be updated into a new version every month.  On 11/1/2010 at 6 PM (U.S. Eastern), version 3.1 will be released.  Every time a new version is released all of the member only games will be put on the mainsite.  Hopefully, there will be 10 new games every month.  Have fun and keep on gaming!!!

Admin, Out.
I am going to expand SPG and it will become SPE (School Proof Entertainment)!  There will be Videos, Music, and Games!  The information is going to be coming via the admin's blog!  Videos Will be released on May 5th and Music on June 1st!   There will be an open demo of School Proof Videos (SPV) on April 20th-27th and a closed, members only demo on April 13th-20th.  Good Luck and Have fun!!!

PS:  The Launch Pad Site has all of the links to the different sites as they come.  The link is www.schoolproofentertainment.tk     or,

--School Proof Games Administrator