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Hello Gamers,
Due to the fact that I as the only administrator am going into high school, I cannot/havent been able to accept membership requests at the rate that they are coming in.  For this reason, I am suspending the membership system until either I can get enough time to catch up or start the memberships, or I find somebody who can help me accept them.  This means that all games are unlocked for all users.  I am sorry for any inconvenience.
Thanks for the support and for your patience,
11/10/2011 14:55:01

i can help with anything on the site if you need assistance with it

12/7/2011 02:37:49

Yeah I work at SEGA Entertainment and I'm a computer graphics engineer and a portal game scripter if you ever need some help contact me at the email I provided.
SEGA Entertainment

12/31/2011 21:26:01

Hai... this site was cool with nice collection of games & How about Google Adsense in this website, Do u earn through adsence or getting any profit with it... ?

1/5/2012 23:57:33

i didnt like the membership options in the first place. yay.

3/26/2012 06:54:48

Many thanks for data

4/9/2012 04:20:54

Nobody likes websites that require memberships unless it's Face Book, so that's a good thing. And, take the ads off your site, you'd get more people to like it!

9/30/2012 01:19:09

Thanks for details


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